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Personal Safety Classes for Women


Expert Personal Safety and Awareness Training

in the Charlotte, NC Areas

  • Situational Awareness 360˚

  • Distance Techniques 

  • Conflict Avoidance

  • Determine Your 'Fight or Flight' Survival Strategy ​

  • Motivational Guest Speaker For Your Event

  • Classroom Training For Large Groups

  • Host An In-Home Class For 8 or Less


Situational Awareness For Empowerment - Training - 360˚




What We Teach:

  • Develop your Awareness Techniques

  • Learn to recognize potential safety concerns

  • Learn exit strategies. Avoid conflict & confrontations

  • Develop a talent to recognize real danger before it confronts you

  • Develop Situational Awareness Techniques

  • Learn to relax and yet protect yourself

Our Services:

  • Classroom Training

  • Group Presentations

  • Classes for Women Only 

  • Individualized Training

  • Customized classes for group events

  • Personal Safety Consulting

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Develop Your Survival Instincts

Be Safe > Stay Confident > Be Empowered

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