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Develop Your Survival Instincts
Be Safe > Stay Confident > Be Empowered

Personal Safety Training that's all about YOU!

The Community Safety Center offers a unique and straightforward talk about your safety. This is not just about street crime, active shooter situations, workplace violence, road rage or even domestic violence. 
It's not just about your right to carry a firearm or knowing the laws, or even fighting back.
It is about your awareness 360˚ and avoiding a confrontation. It's about your decision making process and not being involved in a conflict. 
It's about walking on the right side of the street. It's about where to stand in an elevator. It's about your (re)action before an incident occurs to a potential and unwanted encounter.
You will learn that you can control what happens next.
You will learn to get that predator or criminal to walk away from you.
You will learn to understand why they thought of approaching your home, your possessions or your car but instead choose to go for an easier target.
In just two fast (but short) hours, you will learn to feel safer at work, in the parking lot, while shopping, or even in your own home.
It's all about empowering YOU 
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