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Personal Safety Tips

  • Always be aware of at least two exits

  • Run/ jog / walk against the traffic, never with the traffic

  • Trust your instincts - and act on them

Always exit a store with a cart/shipping buggy & use it to:

  • Keep your space from others

  • As a defensive tool

  • Allows you to keep your hands free from shopping bags

  • Always park at end of a row in parking lots (one side of vehicle (and you) will remain more visible.)

  • Keep car keys in pocket, never in purse. Keep them easily accessible.

Keep car keys on night table at bedtime. Activate car alarm if anything suspicious outside. Grab for quicker get-a-way if necessary.

  • Creating distance = Avoiding a conflict

Never give your phone number out loud at
check-out counter for customer account  credit. Always type it into keypad yourself. 

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