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Our Expert Personal Safety Instructor

Alan Glickman

Alan Glickman is an experienced security and safety manager with a demonstrated history of working in the security/safety, law enforcement and the 911 environment, as well as the hospital & healthcare security industries. Simultaneously, Alan held numerous Executive Protection (EP/ Bodyguard) assignments including 'talent' escorts such as Celine Dion, WWF, Major League Baseball, Tiger Woods and many others. Additionally, he worked Executive Protection services with numerous Boston luxury hotels and their guests for over 20 years. Alan retired and relocated from Massachusetts to North Carolina after an extensive 35+ year career and began teaching personal safety techniques to civilians. Alan has worked  closely with local, state and federal agents at both the Boston Democratic National Convention in 2004 and the 2012 DNC held in North Carolina, amongst numerous other local and national events. 

Alan is an expert in Personal Security & Awareness Techniques Training, Crisis Management, Security Vulnerabilities, Law Enforcement Response, Emergency Management, Active Assailant Preparation & Tactics and Emergency Response Services.

Post September 11, 2001 Alan was recruited and served over 2 years as a security supervisor/team lead with the initial Homeland Security Agency which initiated from Boston's Logan Airport. He travelled throughout the US coordinating security for the initial phases of Federal Assessment Centers as high level security evolved to what we now know as the TSA. 

Relative Certifications:

* "Refuse To Be A Victim ®  NRA Instructor

* National Safety Council  Defensive Driving Instructor

* State (MA) Courts Against Road Rage (SCARR) Instructor

* Mace® Pepper Spray, Instructor Certified

* AARP Driver Safety, Instructor Certified

Published:  "Is Your Dispatch Center Prepared for Active Shooters"

Journal of Healthcare Protection Management 2019, Volume 35 Number 2

Alan uses strong and passionate presentation, consulting, analytical assessment and analysis skills. He teaches a relaxed and fun class in an upbeat environment.

The message is clear: "Treat your personal protection as seriously as you take other important aspects of your life and you can live safely and free of paranoia."


Questions, concerns, input and other interruptions are always welcome. Those in the class will never be put on the spot with participation, questions or demonstrations. Classmates are on a first name basis only. 


There are no high pressure sales to buy anything, just a fun interactive class to discuss your safety and concerns.


Sit back, relax, take notes and listen to Alan's fast paced personal safety and awareness pointers..

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