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Personal Safety For Teammates


An Interactive

'Personal Safety' Class or Presentation

Host a Class For Your Team or Invite a Guest Speaker 

Don’t deny the support and confidence in employee safety that your teammates deserve. 

  • “It won’t happen here”

  • “They all get along and love each other”

  • “No one would ever challenge our Teammate safety or our security”

  • “They all feel safe whenever they are in the building”

Please join us for a fast paced two hour class to learn awareness and distance techniques to better determine your ability to recognize and escape a conflict before it occurs.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter why crime happens. We just need to understand that violence and conflicts happen, and it is OUR OBLIGATION TO NOT TO BE THE NEXT VICTIM!

Regardless if on-the-job, after work, at home or where an incident may occur, work performance will be effected. You can host a training class for your teammates, and help them learn to escape a conflict before it occurs or escalates!

                        ‘SAFETY SMARTS’

Feel Safer – Remain  Confident – Be Empowered

If you own, manage or work in any business,

you should be hosting a personal safety class

for your team


An intense 2-hour interactive class/presentation dealing with the harsh realities of today’s, too frequent violent and impulsive confrontations. Face the fact, harassment, crime, rage, crimes of opportunity, workplace harassment, seemingly unprovoked re-actions, general safety concerns and more, are all a daily issue of concern to so many.

“. . . but, they got in my space first, so I had to . . .” attitude is unacceptable as an excuse. This is more concerning than ever to everyone. No longer do we really feel safe (or relaxed and truly comfortable) 24/7. Statistics and the media reflect our insecurity, at night or even during the daytime, regardless if we're at the mall, a movie theater, at an event of any type, and too often, even when going into work!

This class will go into detail to learn:

  • Conflict Avoidance Techniques: Before an incident evolves.

  • Distance Techniques: When someone says “. . . they got in my space first”.

  • Defense vs. Offense: To be aware when and how defense can too quickly become an offense situation.

  • De-Escalation: To recognize and learn to just let it go in those too often intimidating situations. Any other option will, too often, escalate and be more dangerous.

  • Exit Strategies: Always know your exit options. At work, in a store, restaurant, or even when driving. We will discuss the need to politely and without delay, exit a situation.

  • Individual Survival Strategy: To better understand "Run-Hide-Fight". To walk (or run) from any potential threat is our obligation. This must be our first and continuous priority, without exception or hesitation. “The only winner in a fight . . . is the one who is not involved”


No Guns – No Fighting – No Weapons

This is not about ‘on the job safety’ or OSHA, nor is it a law enforcement sponsored class about Active Shooter statistics or even Run-Hide-Fight. It is about your Teammate’s deserving and being entitled to your encouragement for a non-aggressive work environment and for them to see your support for ‘safe travels’.


Host a class or a presentation at your business, daytime, evening or week-end. Invite your teammates, friends and family.  Attendees must be of driving age or older. The Personal Safety Class is primarily women only.

Schedule your class today! 

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